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The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is no doubt an entertainment empire, but how big are they really, and how much of television, radio, entertainment and other products do they really control. Continue reading below to find out:

the walt disney company blog post

The Walt Disney Company was founded by Walt and Roy Disney on October 16, 1923 in Los Angeles, CA. It is the second largest media powerhouse in the world behind Comcast. It started as just an animation and television studio until Walt Disney took the next step and created Disneyland, then later Disney World.

Today, the Walt Disney Company has 4 divisions: Walt Disney Studios, Disney Media Networks, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. They also have 16 subsidaries: Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Theatrical Productions, The Walt Disney Company India, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios, LucasFilm, The Muppet Studio, Disney-ABC Television Group, 80% of ESPN Inc, 50% of A&E Networks, Radio Disney, 32% of Hulu, UTV Software Communications, and Maker Studios. So, the Walt Disney Company has a lot of control over the television and movie franchises/networks you watch every day.

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Along with the networks and franchises they own, they also have publishing, merchandising, music, theater’s and 14 theme parks as well.

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Out of all the stuff that the Walt Disney Company does, their theme park in Walt Disney World, called Epcot is by far my favorite thing they have created. Epcot was first designed to be a futuristic community that people could live in on the Walt Disney properties in Buena Vista. Unfortunately, Walt never got to finish it before he died, and then changed into what we know today as Epcot. Epcot is a theme park where you can hit every where in the world in one day. You can go from Mexico, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many other countries without even leaving Florida. It is such a unique place, and you can eat all the authentic foreign food you want all while never leaving a Disney Park. It just shows that you can bring the entire world together and all get to experience each others cultures and have so much fun doing it.

Hopefully after reading this article, you have a little idea about why The Walt Disney Company is as successful as it is. It is a major entertainment and media empire for all the reasons it should be. So the next time you watch a movie or television show, you may just be watching just another show that the Walt Disney Company owns.


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