Through A College Students Eyes

How ‘Black-ish’ Changed The Cultural Boundaries Shown On TV

Before Black-ish aired, we did have other all African American casts on television like The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and That So Raven. When Black-ish aired on ABC though in 2014, it was an instant hit, because it wasn’t what anybody expected it to be. Black-ish is a comedy sitcom that deals with an upper-middle class family and the struggles that go through. They also talk about the hard topics going on in our society today like racism, LGBT rights, and police brutality.

blackish blog post

Black-ish has become one of those shows that no matter what your cultural background is, whether you are African America, Caucasian, Asian, or any other background, you can easily relate to the topics talked about on the show. For example, Dre (the main character) works in a mostly Caucasian dominate office, and he uses them as comedy relief/the counteracting side of the situation being talked about for that episode. I think that this makes it funnier and makes it not seem one sided on the subjects being mentioned.

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I think that Black-ish has found just the right formula when it comes to talking about the hard issues facing America and the world today. They know how to get the important message across without making it too heavy. They can always add some comedic stuff into the issues they are talking about without looking like they are making fun of it. Black-ish also always brings in the history of that topic to every episode to make people aware of what they are talking about if they don’t already know. I hope in the future, we continue to make shows like Black-ish that can make us laugh, but also make us think about our society and how we can make it better. I personally think everybody needs to watch Black-ish at least once. They need to see the lessons that every one needs to know and learn in making our society and the people in it more aware of what is really happening on a daily basis. No matter what your background is, I think everybody needs to get some education on what Black-ish is showing their viewers every week.


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