Through A College Students Eyes

How Netflix Changed The Way We Watch Movies and TV Shows

netflix blog post

Netflix became super popular when it launched, because it was something new that we could do when we were bored. It was a place we could watch a movie without having to go buy the movie at the store, or go out to Block Buster to rent it either. This changed the way people watched movies, and it was a lot cheaper to subscribe to this service than it was to rent a movie for 24 hours and pay the gas money to go get it too. This is ultimately what started the downfall of rental stores like Block Buster which soon after went completely out of business.

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Netflix has expanded their horizon since they launched, and they now keep TV series and make their own series called Netflix Originals now, which has helped them to continue amazing success. Since Netflix can go by their own regulations for the most part, the sky is the limit for them when it comes to show possibilities. Some of the most watched shows now are Netflix Original shows. Netflix also created the new words, binge watching. They have so much power that they can ever create their own words. There may be other sites that try to copy or create what Netflix has done, but Netflix will always be the one who started it all.

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Other sites have tried to duplicate what Netflix has done, and the only one that has had the success that Netflix has is Hulu. Hulu is so successful because if you miss and episode, you can watch it on Hulu the day after it airs, which is amazing. Netflix, it takes up to at least 3-4 months after a season finishes airing before Netflix puts it up for the public to watch and binge watch through. Other sites that have tried but not succeeded have been YouTube Red, Amazon Video, PlayStation Vue, and other sites have tried but haven’t had any luck with being successful.

In my opinion, Netflix is more binge watching platform, while Hulu is more of a “I missed an episode that aired last night” platform. Even though Netflix is the original streaming site, Hulu is probably my favorite of the two, but both subscriptions I think are worth having. Netflix for your binge watching and Hulu for your missed episode needs. I think that streaming sites were a huge breakthrough for entertainment, and I can’t wait to see where the streaming, tv, and movie platforms go next.


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